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ICT Infrastructure Management Section is responsible in planning, managing and implementing tasks pertaining to ICT infrastructure in UMP. This section is divided into three (3) divisions:

  • Network Management Division
  • Communication and Access Management Division
  • Data Centre Management Division


  •  To prepare and manage facilities and services for ICT infrastructure which includes internet network, internet access, network security, data centre, telecommunication, CCTV and access card to support university operations
  • To provide technical advice for ICT infrastructure
  • To ensure ICT infrastructure services operate as stipulated in PTMK Client Charter
  • To study, analyse and implement the latest ICT infrastructure technology to enhance service quality and university operation


Network Service

  • To provide network services to the whole campus where every UMP personnel will receive one (1) data line
  • To ensure the operation of intranet application service, internet and telecommunication
  • To provide network, security and telecommunication advice
  • To enhance internet capacity based on broadband technology to every user and enhance network systems
  • To enhance network capacity to support university operations
  • To provide network services and solve complaints from users

Network Security Service

  •  To provide and enhance telecommunication facilities (telephone and fax) to all entitled staff
  • To ensure the security of logical, physical and telecommunication system is guaranteed
  • To ensure that the telecommunication service is operational

Telecommunication Service

  • To provide advisory services on network, security and telecommunication
  • To utilize open network system and telecommunication that fulfil the standards set by the industry

Smartcard Issuance Service

  • To provide door access system using smartcard
  • To provide CCTV System

Database and Maintenance Service

  • Database and Maintenance Service Division was established in 2006. This division is responsible for all servers and database under the purview of Information Technology and Communication Centre.
  • A basis for university application systems, this division supports all systems developed to ensure the operations of every department and operating centre is continuously functioning.