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The Administrative and Governance Section was established in PTMK to manage all matters pertaining to administration and finance, business management and staff competency, ICT conformance, ICT policy and strategic planning. Every staff including System Analysts and Programmers is responsible in planning, supporting and ensuring all scope of work are fulfilled according to the policies, guidelines and circulars in effect.

This section is divided into five (5) divisions namely:
i. Administrative and Finance Division;
ii. Business Management and Staff Competency Division;
iii. ICT Compliance Division;
iv. ICT Planning and Policies Division and
v. Research Technology & ICT Governant


• To ensure all matters pertaining to administration and department management is conducted efficiently and with quality in accordance to policies and rules stipulated
• To ensure the finance managment and departmental budget is well-implemented and in accordance to all rules and circulars in effect
• To support all main divisions in PTMK in implementing department programs and activities
• To ensure planned ICT activities for UMP’s ICT Strategic Plan Development are implemented according to plan and is a medium for UMP’s Strategic Plan
• To formulate and coordinate the implemention of activities pertaining to ICT Policy Management
• To ensure any activities related to ICT in UMP follows the policies and circulars in effect
• To ensure all income-generating projects for ICT is implemented according to target
• To enhance staff competencies and skills in implementing tasks


1. Administrative and finance management
2. Formulate and coordinate ICT compliance activities
3. Formulate and coordinate ICT Planning activities for UMP’s Strategic Plan Development
4. Formulate and coordinate the implementation of ICT Policy Management
5. Plan and manage ICT income-generating projects
6. Plan, manage and increase PMTK's staff competencies