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The Human Resource & Finance Information System Section was established under Information Technology & Communication Centre to develop, maintain and support the university’s Human Resource and Finance system applications. Every staff which includes the System Analyst and  the Programmer is responsible to plan, support and ensure human resource and finance application system which is developed fulfills all criteria and the system’s owner or user’s requirements, process flow and policies, guidelines and circulars in effect. As for the systems which have been developed, every staff must ensure that the system is always upgraded and monitored from time to time in order to always stay up-to-date.

The Human Resource & Finance Information System Section is divided into 2 main management divisions, namely:  

  • Human Resource System Management Division
  • Finance System Management Division


  • To develop and maintain the university’s application system in accordance to the ICT Strategic Plan through the use of current technology as well as in compliance with the standards and Rapid System Development Life Cycle (RSDLC) methodology that is in place.  
  • To focus on the University’s Human Resource and Finance Application System.
  • To support, train and provide assistance to users pertaining to current application systems.
  • To prepare documentation (process flow, user manual, technical documents and others) according to the established standards and quality.
  • To restore any problems and issues arising from the application systems.
  • To study and adapt current technologies which are relevant in UMP’s application system setting.
  • To implement the latest technology as a catalyst to ensure that all university’s application system can fulfill diverse users’ demand.


Development and maintenance of the University’s Human Resource and Finance Application Systems.